A scar someone gave me. A scar I gave myself.
A scar I got naturally. A scar I got accidentally.

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all my friends are in bar bands by the wonder years
not my picture, just my edit


In Tasmania, the fog here is crazy

the pale blog you’ve been looking for
Anonymous: wow congrats, they are all big achievements. what will you be working as? Im alright kinda shit, but every bad day has its end

thank you :~) I’ll be working in a call center for Aussie Bill Compare. Every bad day has an ending and just wake up tomorrow, tell yourself you’re a bad bitch from hell and no-one can fuck with you and you’ll have a great day!

Anonymous: bands you've seen live? you're so lucky to meet adam!


A Day To Remember (x4), Northlane (x3), Blink 182, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, The Amity Affliction (x4), Paramore (x2),You Me At Six, Bullet For My Valentine, Garbage, Bring Me The Horizon, Green Day, Mayday Parade (x2),  The Story So Far (x2), Real Friends, Jimmy Eat World, Panic! At The Disco, Asking Alexandria, I Killed The Prom Queen (x2), The Ghost Inside (x2), Stick To Your Guns, In Hearts Wake (x2), Chelsea Grin, The Devil Wears Prada, State Champs, Neck Deep, Stateside, Issues, Sidelines, Bury Tomorrow, Deez Nuts, Hellions, Forever Ends Here, With Confidence, Architects, Stray From The Path.

I know, he was such an awesome and genuine guy! 

had to update this, weeeee. band list is getting so long.

Anonymous: how are you lovely?

I’m actually doing really well thank you. I get to finish my certificate III in Business Admin and I start full time work on Thursday. Also I turn 18 in little over a month and have plans for that.

How are you anon? :)

Anonymous: you're such a different person to who you were in year 10

I’ve been through hell and back between here and three years ago. I’ve had so many shitty people in my life and was on the edge of killing myself twice; but I’m here, so stop messaging me telling me I’ve changed. You lose your dad and brother, become homeless and still try and complete school and see if you’re the same person. Fuck right off out of my life and blog.